Burns Court Bistro & Wine Bar Services

European Restaurant

Do you love the tastes of Europe? Things like crepes, omelets, steak and frites, are just some of the delicious dishes from the cuisines of Europe. You don't need a passport to try all of these delicious meals yourself. You just simply need to go to the best bistro in all of Sarasota. Our restaurant is dedicated to bringing you the flavors of countries like France, England, and Spain. We use classic recipes and the best ingredients on the market to bring you a dining experience, unlike anything you would find anywhere else. Dine with us tonight for a romantic, incredibly dinner that will make memories for years to come!


Do you desire a bistro where you can relax and enjoy great food and drinks in the comfort of your hometown? For a place with delicious European dishes and wines right here in Sarasota, there's no better place to eat and relax. Now you can enjoy the tastes of Europe right here at home! Our chefs have a serious passion for the food of Europe. They've brought over classic, traditional, and creative recipes to our kitchen. With expert techniques and skills along with the best ingredients that money can buy, you'll get a dining experience that's a step over what you'd get at anywhere else!

Wine Bar

There's no better way to unwind than with a glass of wine. Likewise, a great wine can enhance any meal that it's a part of. When you want a fantastic wine, you need to go to a place that takes wine seriously. We have an unrivaled passion for wine and we can't wait to share it with you. Come to our wine bar today! Our wine bar has an extensive wine list. We have wines from all over the world including places like South America, Italy, California, and of course France. Talk to our servers about amazing wine choices and great food pairings like our artesian meat and cheese boards. Ready for a drink?


What makes a cafe a place you want to spend time at? Is it a local spot with great food? Maybe it's a relaxed atmosphere? Or perhaps it's reasonable prices that make the cafe a place you can go back to time and time again. No matter what makes a cafe perfect, we have it all! Our cafe is a great local spot with amazing food and a relaxed atmosphere. Our chefs are crafting up delicious European favorites with the freshest and most premium ingredients out there. We pride ourselves not only on our spectacular food but also the affordable prices that make us a place you'll actually want to hang out at. We can't wait to serve you!


Brunch is the only reason to wake up early on the weekend. Great food and drinks make your bed seem a little less appealing. Come join friends and eat great foods at our brunch. When you want an authentic European brunch experience right here in Sarasota, there's no better place to go! Our brunch has become a local favorite. We're serving up tons of delicious dishes like luxurious crepes, crispy waffles covered in sticky sweet maple syrup, and savory Eggs Benedict. All of our dishes are prepared with the best ingredients and by our highly-trained chefs. Hungry for a great brunch? Now you know where to head to!

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